International Flight Services

Was incorporated in Chile in January 2011. Its purpose is to offer flight inspection services to the international community. 

Flight inspection

IFS has performed since 2011 more than 7000 hours of flight inspections in Argentina, Guyana, Peru, Paraguay, Spain and Suriname. IFS has completed commissioning and periodic inspection of ILS Cat. I, II, IIIa and IIIb, VOR-DME (Conventional and Doppler), PAPI, Primary and Secondary Radar and NDB as well as validating RNAV/RNP approaches. IFS has long term contracts in Argentina, Peru and Paraguay for their periodic inspections.


Our company operates 3 Beechcraft Super King Air B200 aircraft, 1 Beechcraft King Air B90, 2 Tecnam P2006, 1 Cessna P34 which it leases on an as needed basis. These aircrafts have all gone through a major modification process to install antennas, cabling, racks and access to the aircraft power supply, authorized and certified by the FAA or the respective DGAC of Argentina, Chile, Portugal and Peru depending on their registration.

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I.F.S. inspectors are qualified on two types of Flight Inspection Systems (FIS), the SAFRAN CARNAC MS and AFISNAV CIV-50 flight inspection consoles. Both systems fully comply with all ICAO standards described in Document 8071, 9905 for flight validation, annex 10, annex 13, and 9384 for ADS-B and Multi-lateration. The CARNAC MS console was developed by SAFRAN for the French DGAC as a portable unit evolution of their main Flight Inspection System, has been used by IFS in Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, and Surinam and has logged over 2000 hours. The AFISNAV CIV-50 console was initially developed for the DIRECCIÓN DE AERONÁUTICA CIVIL DE CHILE as an upgrade of its original RVA Aerospace Systems inspection console, made in Canada. In 2020, I.F.S. acquired all the rights to the AFISNAV CIV-50 console. The original console is currently being operated by the DGAC since 2010 with excellent results. It has carried out up to September 2021 over 600 flight inspections campaigns from Easter Island to the Antarctic (77 NDB, 361 VOR-DME, 164 Cat. I, II, III – B ILS inspections) and has logged over 4,400 hours of operation, while the two I.F.S. CIV 50 console have logged over 4000 hours in Argentina, Peru, Guyana, Surinam and Paraguay. 

International Flight Services S.A. has its own set of procedures based on ICAO and FAA 8200 document for the flight inspection processes - with some variations for the commissioning of ILS. Our twelve inspectors have all undergone training for flight inspection with the FAA in the United States or EASA, and so have the pilots.

I.F.S is registered with the International Civil Aviation Organization - Technical Cooperation Bureau as a service provider and is registered as a flight inspection service provider and approach designer by the International Committee for Airspace Standard and Calibration.

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